Towson Area Citizens on Patrol invites participants to stem crime [Letter]

Good will and peace on Earth! In recent months, there has been a flurry of people who don't live by this sentiment. Towson has experienced a handful of street robberies and other crimes. In one case, the victim was stabbed. While these incidents have decreased in recent weeks, it's important to stay vigilant and get in front of these trends.

The Towson elected officials, the business community and the surrounding neighborhoods are taking a proactive approach to hampering this activity. They have reached out to Towson Area Citizens On Patrol (TACOP). Our team is always interested in seeing more eyes and ears watching over our communities. TACOP's focus is to assist the 24 active COP groups in Precinct 6 and help foster new groups.

The members of TACOP have been working closely with County Councilman David Marks to focus efforts on starting a Downtown Towson COP group. Initial efforts have been promising and a leader has been identified. We are looking for volunteers to support the patrols and would encourage anyone in downtown Towson or the surrounding communities to get involved in this new COP group.

TACOP wishes you and your family a safe and happy holiday.

Michael Calwell

President, TACOP Towson

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