Saturday chores, followed by Harry Little's subs

I can hardly express how sad I am to learn that Harry Little's is gone. It was and is the definition of "subs" to me. As a young married person, my Saturday always included chores followed by Harry Little's subs for lunch. When I was in the hospital recovering from the birth of my babies, I always requested a Harry Little's sub for a treat. As my children grew, they too became fans.

Not only were the subs and fries the BEST, but the people knew you and knew what you wanted. And no where else have I ever found some of the Harry Little's items. I was particularly fond of the Fiesta sub - ham, provolone and pizza sauce baked in the pizza oven.

Since I moved to Florida, I have been on a never-ending quest to find a steak and cheese sub that could rival Harry Little's — with thin slices of beef fresh cut on the premises. Subs were made to order and you could always get a little more of this or less of that if you were nice to the grill ladies. In later years, whenever I went to Maryland to visit my now grown children and grandchildren, they always knew a visit to Harry Little's was on my itinerary. 

Thanks, Harry Little's, for the years of good food and memories.

Carol Hogan

Whenever we got subs, it was from Harry Little's

My family moved to Rodgers Forge in 1963, and back there there were not many choices for carry out food, so whenever we got subs, it was from Harry Little's. Over the years I went there as a teenager. My parents would often walk down to Harry's on the weekend, after we all left home.

My daughter moved to Rodgers Forge in 2000 and became a regular as well. My family, as well as probably every other family in the neighborhood, has many fond memories.

Sharon Naylor