Chesapeake Bayhawks get most from Towson High grad Spencer Ford

It seems as if the only time Spencer Ford isn't thinking about lacrosse is when he sleeps. Ford is the general manager of the Chesapeake Bayhawks, who play in the eight-team Major League Lacrosse.

The Towson High graduate also serves as Mid-Atlantic director for 3dlacrosse, a national company that holds lacrosse camps and showcase tournaments.

He said he often works more than 100 hours per week between the two jobs.

"Lacrosse is what I do 24/7," said Ford, 38. "I go nonstop. My phone is next to my bed. I wake up at 6 a.m. every day and don't go to bed until after midnight."

Ford's love of lacrosse started in his youth; he has spent his life around the game.

He won three state championships at Towson High, earned All-American honors at Towson University and played five years in the Major League Lacrosse for four different teams, including the Bayhawks, before moving into his current front office job in January of 2010.

"I tell everybody this is where my heart is," Ford said. "I have many loves with my family, but lacrosse has been in my life since I was 4 years old. It's never broken my heart. It gives me everything I can possibly imagine. I think of myself as the luckiest man in the world."

As general manager of a professional lacrosse team he, doesn't have a big staff.

He pretty much does everything himself. Arranging travel and food for 30 players on road trips, taking care of equipment, working with ticket personnel and making sure the field is prepared for games are among his many daily responsibilities.

"I probably do the jobs of 50 different people," Ford said. "I wear that many different hats. If you think about it, the Ravens have an equipment manager, an assistant equipment manager and assistant to the assistant."

Ford's boss, Bayhawks coach and team president Dave Cottle, said Ford's extra effort makes things go more smoothly, especially on road trips.

"He works very, very hard and is detail-oriented on our trips," Cottle explained. "The trips have been like clockwork this year. We haven't had one problem with a bus, with a meal or someone not having an airline ticket. It's hard to do that. That's a credit to him. There are a lot of things than can get screwed up on trips."

Of all his duties, Ford seems to enjoy scouting players the most.

Soon after the Bayhawks' season is over in August, he will attend practices in the fall at Johns Hopkins, UMBC, Loyola University Maryland and Towson University looking for talent in preparation for the league's January draft.

Cottle said Ford has been a tremendous help in building the Bayhawks since they moved to Annapolis in 2010.

They play their games at Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

"His experience as a player in the league and knowing the players in the league has really helped us a great deal," Cottle said. "He knows what a good player looks like. He can help us with draft and picking guys."

Ford moved into the front office after a distinguished professional career. He made Major Lacrosse League All-Star teams three times and set the league assist record in 2007 with the Los Angeles Riptide.

A severe knee injury ended his playing career in 2009 when he was with the Bayhawks.

"I couldn't do it on the field anymore, but I can still help put the best team together on the field," Ford said. "That's a really awesome experience. It's the best feeling in the world to be able to wake up and do this."

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