The gunfire outside Charles Village Pub is the second such instance in downtown Towson since September — both of which occurred in the early morning hours.
In late September, a large crowd descended on Towson for a heavily promoted fraternity party at the Recher Theatre. Police said thousands were turned away when the event reached capacity, and officers struggled for hours to clear York Road of the crowds.
That same night, a man who was in Towson for the event was shot while walking back to his car, which was parked at the Towson Town Center mall. However, police have not been able to connect the crowd disturbance to the man’s shooting.
Like the Recher family after that incident, Hafford said the owners of Charles Village Pub are “absolutely devastated.”
Hafford said co-owner Melony Wagner emailed her at 4 a.m. Sunday, just two hours after the fight broke out. The two plan to meet and discuss what happened Monday.
In September, Wagner was one of several Towson bar owners who met with police to discuss security and safety in a meeting set up by Captain Jonathan Trentzsch of the Towson precincet.
Trentzsch, who has been at the helm in Towson for a year later this month, has changed his shift schedule to put more patrol officers in downtown Towson as the bars let out.
“I think the majority of people realize that a majority of our incidents happen early in the morning after the bars close, and that the streets of Towson during the day are a safe place to be,” Hafford said.

“Not that it’s not safe late at night, but with the drinking and testosterone, that can lend to not good things happening,” she said. “We have to beef up visible security in our community at all times.”