Francis Minsung Kang

Francis Minsung Kang, 26, of the unit block of Brook Farm Court in Cockeysville, accused of firing a gun following an altercation at the Charles Village Pub in Towson Saturday. (Photo courtesy Baltimore County Police / December 17, 2012)

Towson community leaders on Monday lauded the county police department’s quick response in arresting a man they say opened fire during a fight outside Charles Village Pub in downtown Towson early Sunday morning.
But despite acknowledging that the incident was handled quickly by officers already detailed to the area as bars let out, County Councilman David Marks and Towson Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Nancy Hafford said more visible security in Towson’s core is necessary.
“Our police force is really good, but there’s a lot more people on our streets than there have been in the past,” Hafford said. “I want people to realize, and it’s very important that they realize, that there were extra police there and the police took care of it immediately. Nobody had to call them.”
Baltimore County Police said Sunday evening that officers heard and responded to the sound of gunshots at 2:05 a.m. Sunday, and upon arriving, officers stopped a truck that was fleeing the scene.
Police determined that Francis Minsung Kang, 26, of the unit block of Brook Farm Court in Cockeysville, was involved in an altercation outside the restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue with two other people that began when Kang threw a Gatorade bottle at a woman as he left Charles Village Pub.
During the ensuing fight, Kang, after moving to Chesapeake Avenue, allegedly fired five shots with a handgun, one of which hit another man in the hand. Police said the man was treated for a “minor gunshot wound,” and his condition is unknown.
Kang was charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault, and use of a handgun while committing a felony, police said.
“They were on him right away,” Hafford said. “They had the guy. They were in the vicinity, they had him, and they caught the guy right away.”
Marks said he plans to discuss the incident with police Monday, but said, “it points out the need for more police officers in downtown Towson.”
“Having that presence will create a deterrent,” he said. “Towson is going to continue to grow, and we’re going to need to have a strong police presence.”