Carver Center Celebration allows audience to participate

The 10th annual Carver Center Celebration, held on Saturday, April 27, in the school's sparkling new building, allowed the school's alumni and advocacy organization to showcase Carver's talented students to an even larger audience than before.

"This was the first time in a number of years that we sold over 900 tickets," David Flinchbaugh, president of the Carver Center Foundation, said Monday.

According to Flinchbaugh, the new space allowed students from all nine academic primes to showcase their talents on the first floor, and allowed attendees to move around and participate with each.

"People could really go around and experience all of the primes," he said. Attendees could take lessons in the dance studio or build a picture frame with the carpentry students.

The annual celebration is held as a fundraiser for the Carver Center Foundation, which pours the proceeds back into the school. This year, the foundation purchased handheld tablet computers for foreign language and science classes.

"What's so wonderful about science and foreign language is those affect all of our students," Flinchbaugh said. "These were technologies that are really not available at a lot of county schools that we were able to bring to all of our students."

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