Surveillance video from the day of the shooting at Towson Town Center in December 2011 shows the then-suspects searching through the mall for the victim.

Tyrone Brown, an alleged member of the Black Guerilla Family gang, was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without parole for the murder of Rodney Pridget in December 2011 outside the Towson Town Center mall.

Brown, 21, was convicted of first-degree murder on March 13 after prosecutors showed footage of him and two other alleged gang members, William Ward III and Frank Williams, following Pridget and his girlfriend through the mall.

Brown followed the couple outside of the Nordstrom store and shot Pridget six times.

Prosecutors say the BGF gang, of which Ward and Williams were also members, ordered the murder. Ward and Williams were also convicted of first-degree murder last fall and sentenced to life without parole.

A fourth man, Jermell Brandon, was also charged but accepted a federal plea deal in return for testimony against the three men.

BGF members were recently indicted for their role in a widespread corruption scandal at the Baltimore City Detention Center.