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New sign trumpets Anneslie's historic status

Neighborhood plans celebration ceremony on Nov.19

The community of Anneslie will on Nov. 19 officially unveil its very first sign — one that heralds the neighborhood's historic status.

Anneslie was developed in 1922 as one of the area's original suburban neighborhoods and formed its community association in 1944. In 2012, the year of the the neighborhood's 90th anniversary, Anneslie was named a Maryland State Historic District, according to Scott McGovern, president of the Anneslie Community Association.

But this is the first time the neighborhood of 500 houses has had its own sign.

"We're proud to finally achieve that," McGovern said.

The community's board of governors for the past four or five years has discussed erecting a sign, which included fundraising ideas and the sign's design.

Association board member Pedro Sales has designed the custom-shaped, welcoming blue and white sign. Funding has come from the Baltimore County Historic Trust and the Anneslie-St. James Foundation. McGovern credited County Councilman David Marks, who represents Towson and Perry Hall, with helping the community association win the grant from the Baltimore County Historic Trust. KCI Technologies provided the survey required for the county sign permit.

Because the neighborhood is mostly hidden behind commercial development along York Road, Anneslie didn't have a prominent location on York to place a sign, according to McGovern. Edward Cathell, a property owner on York Road, give his permission for the sign to be erected on his land at the corner of Dunkirk and York roads.

"It's a wonderful project for Anneslie," Marks said. "It helps beautify the community and reminds people this is in an area with a rich heritage."

The sign has already been erected at 6609 York Road, near the community's entrance, McGovern said.

The community ceremony takes place at Idlewylde Hall, 6301 Sherwood Rd., on Wednesday, Nov. 19 at 6:45 p.m. and will precede Anneslie's annual meeting. Councilman David Marks said he plans to attend the ceremony.

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