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Little Joe crosses off fire truck ride from bucket list

The word has gotten out about Little Joe and his bucket list.

Since the story was first published in the Towson Times on Wednesday, June 11 about a couple trying to create memories with their terminally ill dog, it has taken off on television and online. It has even prompted numerous offers to help Kathryne and Essam Shomali complete LJ's list. 

One of those offers was from the Lutherville Volunteer Fire Co., whose members came to the Shomali's house Saturday to give LJ a ride in a fire truck — item number 2 on the list. 

But there have been several other calls and emails in the past six days. One, which caught Essam off guard, came from a man who identified himself as an inspector from Homeland Security. Turns out, the inspector wanted to help them with item number 10: meet a famous dog/police dog. 

Little Joe's story has appeared on Baltimore-area TV news, an ABC national news broadcast, as well as several major national news sites, such as, Yahoo News and the U.K.'s Daily Mail. 

The Shomalis have also arranged for LJ to get a ride in a motorcycle side car (no. 9). Other items still remaining are:

1. Eat a big mac

3. Have a candle-lit steak dinner in the park

8. Go to a dog spa

11. Have a birthday party with friends

14. Go for a swim, and

15. Meet baby Shomali

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