And, with rising stars, such as juniors Katie McComas, Tiffany Yee, Brie Radebaugh and Clancy, sophomores Peacock, Abby Merriman, Gabrielle Clingan and Hannah Dorsch and freshmen Karly Zungailia, Ellie McComas, Caroline Blum and Natalya Moody moving up to more leadership positions next year, building NDP's legacy will continue in earnest.

Bryn Mawr senior Korby Simpson finished first in the 100 freestyle for the Mawrtians (5th, 253) and was second in the 200 free. Teammate Margaret Pollack was third in 100 butterfly.

Paced by seniors Sam Shaver, Abbey Muhley and Megan Beto, juniors Rachel Mandel and Kristen Nguyen, sophomore Julianna Rak and freshmen Marsi Salvatori, Erin Waire, Julia Ball and Lauren Zollicoffer, the Reds (377) missed the B Conference title by just three points.


Top-10 individual finishers from A Conference area schools:

200 freestyle-2. K. Simpson (BMS), 3. Potis (NDP) 5. Merriman (NDP) 7. Peacock (NDP) 8. E McComas (NDP) 9. Pollack (MdS)

200 IM-2. Clancy (NDP) 6. Legambi (NDP) 9. Blum (NDP)

50 freestyle-1. Krumenacker (NDP) 2. K. McComas (NDP) 6. H. McComas (NDP) 9. Pollack (BMS) 10. Moody  

100 butterfly-1. Clancy (NDP) 2. Pollack (BMS) 6. Radebaugh (NDP) 7. Legambi (NDP) 9. Blum (NDP)

100 freestyle-1. K. Simpson (BMS) 4. K. McComas (NDP) 7. Peacock (NDP)

500 freestyle-2. Potis (NDP) 4. Merriman (NDP) 6. Pollack (BMS) 7. E. McComas (NDP) 8. Weinstock (BMS) 9. Zungailia (NDP)

100 backstroke-2. Krumenacker (NDP) 7. H. McComas (NDP) 8. C. Simpson (BMS) 10. Yee (NDP)

100 breaststroke-3. Zungailia 7. Weinstock (BMS) 9. Dorsch (NDP) 10. Clingan (NDP)


Top-10 individual finishers from B Conference area schools.

200 freestyle-3. Ball (RPCS) 6. Clayton (SP) 7. Nguyen (RP)

200 IM-1. Zollicoffer (RP) 3. Hirsch (SP) 4. Waire (RP) 

50 freestyle-1. Hock (SP) 2. Shawver (RP) 10. Arendt (SP)

100 butterfly-4. Waire 5. Nguyen (RP)

500 freestyle-3. Ball (RP) 4. Hirsch (SP) 7. Vitale (SP)

100 backstroke-3. Salvatori (RP) 9. Rak (RP)

100 breaststroke-2. Zollicoffer (RP) 3. Mandel (RP) 9. Muhley (RP) 10. Beto (RP)