Spring Lake Swim Club drops opener to Five Oaks

Spring Lake Swim Club opened the season with a 241-227 loss to Five Oaks Swim Club, of Catonsville, on June 21, in a Central Maryland Swim League match.

Here are the results of the top three finishers from Spring Lake.

9-10 girls 100 Individual Medley: Caitlin Hurley, 1st; Leah Cirincione, 3rd.

9-10 boys 100 IM: Christopher Connor 1st, Joshua Garofalo 2nd.

11-12 girls 100 IM: Emma Schultz, 1st; CiCi Osias, 2nd.

11-12 boys 100 IM: Tommy Hurley 1st.

13-14 girls 100 IM: Caroline Connor 2nd.

13-14 boys 100 IM: Patrick Connor 2nd.

15-under girls 100 IM: Grace Hansen 1st; Karly Zungailia 2nd; Haley McComas 3rd.

6-under girls 25 freestyle: Antoinette Gerardi 3rd.

6-under boys 25 free: Nick Trentler 1st; Erik Weller 3rd.

8-under girls 25 free: Laura Pohl 1st; Katie Dausch 3rd.

8-under boys 25 free: Nick Trentler 3rd.

9-10 girls 50 free: Caitlin Hurley 1st; Ashley Bernhardt 2nd; Emily Carter 3rd.

9-10 boys 50 free: Christopher Connor 1st.

11-12 girls 50 free: Emma Schultz 1st.

13-14 girls 100 free: Julia Piet 1st.

13-14 boys 100 free: Ryan Hurley 2nd; Seth Gallant 3rd.

15-under girls 100 free: Katie McComas 1st; Haley McComas 2nd.

6-under girls 25 backstroke: Antoinette Gerardi 1st.

6-under boys 25 back back: Nick Trentler 1st.

8-under girls 25 back: Alanna O'Brien 3rd.

8-under boys 25 back: Ben Firlie 3rd.

9-10 girls 25 back: Caitlin Hurley 1st; Ashley Bernhardt 3rd.

9-10 boys 25 back: David Pohl 3rd.

11-12 girls 50 back: CiCi Osias 1st; Peyton O'Brien 3rd.

11-12 boys 50 back: Tommy Hurley 1st.

13-14 50 back: Allie Chenowith 1st.

13-14 boys 50 back: Ryan Hurley 1st; Seth Gallant 3rd.

15-under girls 50 back: Katie McComas 1st; Haley McComas 2nd.

8-under girls 25 butterfly: Laura Pohl 2nd.

8-under boys 25 fly: Kevin Graziano 3rd.

9-10 girls 25 fly: Emily Snyder 1st.

9-10 boys 25 fly: Trey DuFauchard 3rd.

11-12 girls 50 fly: Emma Schultz 1st.

11-12 boys 50 fly: Tommy Hurley 1st; Cole Trivett 3rd.

13-14 girls 50 fly: Caroline Connor 2nd.

15-under girls 50 fly: Grace Hansen 1st; Katie McComas 3rd.

8-under girls 25 breast: Anja Radday 2nd; Michaela Steiner 3rd.

8-under boys 25 breast: Ben Firlie 2nd.

9-10 girls 25 breast: Emily Carter 1st; Leah Cirincione 3rd.

9-10 boys 25 breast: Jack Wendorf 3rd.

11-12 girls 50 breast: CiCi Osias 1st; Audrey Beard 3rd.

11-12 boys 50 breast: Logan Gallant 1st; Connor Mcgeehan 2nd.

13-14 girls 50 breast: Julia Piet 1st; Allie Chenowith 2nd.

13-14 boys 50 breast: Ryan Hurley 1st; Patrick Connor 2nd.

6-under mixed 100 free relay: Antoinette Gerardi, Nick Trentler, Ada Key, Erik Weller 2nd.

8-under mixed 100 free relay: Katie Dausch, Erin Flowers, Kevin Graziano, Maddox Jones 2nd.

9-10 girls 200 free relay: Emily Carter, Finley Jones, Leah Cirincione, Emily Snyder 1st.

9-10 boys 200 free relay: Alex Dausch, David Pohl, Trey DuFauchard, Jack Wendorf 1st.

11-12 girls 200 free relay: Audrey Beard, Cassidy Weller, Julia Trojanowski, Kendal Williams 2nd.

11-12 boys 200 free relay: Matthew Will, Logan Gallant, Andrew Dausch, Cole Trivett 1st.

13-14 girls 200 free relay: Allie Chenowith, Dailey McGeeehan, Caroline Connor, Julia Piet.




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