Snow closes Baltimore County schools for second consecutive day

Baltimore County Public Schools will be closed Tuesday for the second day in a row because of a fast-moving snowstorm. Schools also were closed Monday because of snow.

Sunday night, Superintendent S. Dallas Dance tweeted that there would be a delay, but wrote Monday morning that the schools would not open.

The school system did not hesitate on Tuesday morning, as schools throughout the area canceled because of a storm that is expected to bring heavy snow into the area until sometime in the afternoon.

Baltimore County government was also closed Tuesday morning, was scheduled to reopen at 10:30 a.m. for essential employees only. Non-essential employees were given liberal leave Tuesday.

As of 9 a.m. Tuesday, county officials said on Baltimore County's Snow Fighter page that road salting was under way. According to the website, from north of Shawan Road to the Pennsylvania border 50-percent salted, east of York Road and south of Shawan Road is 40-percent salted, and west of York Road and south of Shawan Road is completely salted.

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