Hampton Hammerheads rise to the top at Freestate championship swim meet

School days are on the horizon, but last month local swimmers enjoyed a final chance to shine at the Freestate Swim League championship meet.

The Hampton Hammerheads won the meet with 1,168.5 points followed by York Manor (1126)), Campus Cabana (1052.5), Stoneleigh (914.5), Pine Ridge (626.5), Woodcroft (516), Wiltondale (507.5), Valley (146.5) and Eagles Nest (139).

Hampton’s double winners included Rain Shinnick, Sydney Turk, Ryan Snyder, Ryan Clancy and Izzy Demetz.

York Manor’s Shea Boecker and Dominic Ferracci were double winners along with Pine Ridge’s Brennan Ciliberto, Julia Rommel and Ben Myers, Campus Cabana’s Jonathan Brooks and Woodcroft’s Annie Bennett.

Here are the results of the swimmers who placed in the top three for each team.

Hampton Hammerheads

6-and-under girls: Penelope Banks 2nd backstroke.

6-and-under boys: Matthew Dyer 2nd freestyle; Jude Ball 3rd back.

8-and-under girls: Charlotte Luzar 1st butterfly, 2nd breaststroke; Grace Tidball 3rd fly (tie).

8-and-under boys: Max Wiseman 3rd breast; Rick Reed 2nd back.

9-10 girls: Carmen Hilzendenger 1st free, 3rd breast; Agnes Luzar 1st back; Alice Snyder 3rd fly; Adrienne Warren 2nd back.

9-10 boys: Drew Turk 1st free, 2nd individual medley; Jake Maly 3rd free.

11-12 girls: Sydney Turk 1st free, back; Leah Goldstein 1st breast; Rain Shinnick 1st fly, IM.

11-12 boys: Leo Ott 3rd free, fly; Ryan Snyder 1st breast, IM; Liam Schindler 2nd IM, breast; Ryan Clancy 1st back, fly.

13-14 girls: Izzy Demetz 1st free, breast; Charlotte Bott 1st IM, back.

13-14 boys: Ian Anderson 1st breast, IM Matthew Dorsch 2nd breast, 3rd IM.

15-18 girls: Carloline Blum 1st IM, 2nd fly; Emily Wolff 3rd IM.

15-18 boys: Tyler French 3rd breast; Jonathan Brooks 1st fly; Hayden Deppe 2nd fly.

9-18 girls 100-yard medley relay: Agnes Luzar, Leah Goldstein, Caroline Blum and Izzy Dernetz 1st.

9-18 boys100-yard medley relay: Ryan Clancy, Matthew Dorsch, Tyler French, Drew Turk 1st.

9-18 girls 100 free relay: Emily Wolff, Carmen Hilzendeger, Sydney Turk and Charlotte Bott 2nd.

York Manor Makos

6-and-under girls: Brielle Mahoney 1st back, 2nd free.

8-and-under girls: Calia Anisobi 1st back (tie).

8-and-under boys: Brooks Lepley 1st free, 2nd fly.

9-10 girls: Bella Nicolas 2nd free.

9-10 boys: Ben Farls 3rd breast, IM.

11-12 girls: Madison Feracci 2nd IM, 3rd free; Peyton Kressin 3rd back, fly.

11-12 boys: Dominic Feracci 1st back, fly; Ian Durham 2nd back; Aidan Zieger 3rd breast.

13-14 girls: Patrice Gapaz 2nd back, 3rd free; Sabrina Zieger 2nd IM, fly; Avery Zellweger 3rd IM.

13-14 boys: Ayden Mann 1st back, 3rd fly; Luke Scherer 3rd free; Jake Dyer 3rd free.

15-18 girls: Shea Boecker 1st free, back.

15-18 boys: Sam Garthright 1st free, 3rd back; Drew Kinsey 3rd fly.

9-18 girls 100-yard free relay: Sabrina Zieger, Madison Feracci, Nicolas Bella, Shea Boecker 1st .

9-18 boys 100-yard free relay: Dallas Mahoney, Aidan Collins, Dominic Feracci, Sam Garthright 1st.

Campus Cabana Seahorses

6-and-under boys: Finley Mitchell 2nd back, 3rd free.

8-and-under girls: Tess Brandenburg 2nd free, 3rd back; Madeline Loomis 3rd breast; Luci Whiting 3rd fly (tie).

8-and-under boys: Tucker Deremeik 2nd free, 3rd fly; Devin Creitz 2nd breast.

9-10 boys: Topher Mitchell 1st breast; Jeremiah Webbert 2nd free, fly; Jackson Brooks 3rd fly.

11-12 girls: Grace Brandenburg 2nd free.

11-12 boys: Timothy Brooks 2nd free, back.

13-14 boys: Brennan Ames 2nd free, IM; Connor Hurley 2nd back.

15-18 girls: Emma Daugherty 1st breast, 2nd free; Rose Cook 1st fly, 2nd back; Mary Grace Brooks 3rd back.

15-18 boys: Jonathan Brooks 1st back, fly; Hayden Deppe 2nd fly, 3rd free; Terence Maxwell 3rd IM.

9-18 boys 100-yard medley relay: Terence Maxwell, Ethan Daugherty, Connor Hurley, Jeremiah Webbert 2nd.

8-and-under mixed free relay: Luci Whiting, Shane Pirmann, Tess Brandenburg, Tucker Deremeik 1st.

9-18 boys free relay: Brendan Ames, Jackson Brooks, Timothy Brooks, Jonathan Brooks 1st.

Stoneleigh Sharks

6-and-under girls: Kessly Ronson 1st free, 3rd back; Tessa Halsey 3rd free.

8-and-under girls: Claire Birdsall 3rd free.

8-and-under boys: Ryan Broome 1st fly, 3rd free; Luke Walen 3rd back.

9-10 girls: Cecelia vanLierop 3rd free; Gabriela Galvex 2nd breast, IM; Caroline Birdsall 3rd back.

9-10 boys: Connor Franklin 3rd back.

13-14 girls: Madeline Till 1st fly.

15-18 boys: Hunter Tipton 2nd breast.

9-18 girls 100 medley relay: Perry Donovan, Gabriella Galvez, Lydia Walker, Leah Sisolak 3rd.

9-18 girls free relay: Josie Scherer, Libby Scherer, Emily Huisman and Elisabeth Swift 3rd.

8-and-under mixed free relay: Catherine vanLierop, Luke Walen, Claire Birdsall, Ryan Broome 2nd.

Pine Ridge Pirahnas

6-and-under boys: Brennan Ciliberto 1st free, back.

8-and-under girls: Julia Rommel 1st free, back (tie).

9-10 girls: Addison Davalli 2nd fly, 3rd IM.

11-12 girls: Lydia Walker 2nd fly.

11-12 boys: Keaton Eyring 1st free, 2nd fly.

13-14 girls: Delaney Eyring 3rd breast; Lauren Sisolak 3rd back.

13-14 boys: Ben Myers 1st free, fly; Tommy Hinson 3rd breast.

15-18 girls: Sarah Eberle 2nd IM, 3rd free; Rachel Gardner 3rd breast; Leah Sisolak 3rd fly.

15-18 boys: Justin Sisolak 2nd free.

9-18 girls 100 medley relay: Perry Donovan, Gabriella Galvez, Lydia Walker, Leah Sisolak 3rd.

9-18 girls free relay: Josie Scherer, Libby Scherer, Emily Huisman and Elisabeth Swift 3rd.

8-and-under mixed free relay: Catherine vanLierop, Luke Walen, Claire Birdsall, Ryan Broome 2nd.

Woodcroft Waves

8-and-under girls: Grace Williams 1st breast.

8-and-under boys: Jack Bennett 1st back.

9-10 girls: Annie Bennett 1st fly, breast.

11-12 girls: Sydney Miles 2nd breast.

11-12 boys: Daniel Williams 3rd IM; Kevin Blanchard 3rd back.

Wiltondale Warriors

8-and-under girls: Audrey Sorenson 2nd fly.

13-14 girls: Allison Malecki 2nd free, breast.

13-14 boys: Evan Vandiver 2nd fly.

15-18 girls: Rachel Bruns 2nd breast.

15-18 boys: Alex Sorenson 1st breast, 2nd IM; Andrew Feeley 1st IM, 2nd back.

11-12 girls: Maggie Mazzulli 2nd back, 3rd breast; Mary Mazzulli 3rd IM.

8-and-under mixed 100 free relay: Addison Guevara, Philip Pyzik, Audrey Sorenson and Herbie Aloe 3rd.

Eagles Nest

9-10 boys: James Fairbanks 2nd breast.

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