Bike shop in Anneslie fulfills owner's longtime dream

Easter Monday was cold and dreary, but spring was evident at the newly opened Pedal Fun Cycles in Anneslie. A friendly bike-face logo awning had just been installed to mark the “speakeasy style” alley entrance behind 6717 York Road. Sole proprietor Scott Chambers was inside servicing a rugged mountain bike, with a tiny youth bike also on the work stand and a sleek women's triathlon bike in line.

Ten years ago, Scott and his wife, Jenna, were having coffee at Sam’s Bagels in that very stretch, watching neighbors from Rodgers Forge and Stoneleigh push lawnmowers to Ayd Hardware for tuneups. Scott envisioned opening a bike shop there someday.

He put wheels in motion on that goal two years ago, but kismet ultimately stepped in last fall, when Scott found himself standing in an available space that just so happened to be the exact location of the old Stoneleigh Cycle & Hobby. Memories returned of admiring bikes there in the 1980s while visiting his grandmother, who lived in Lake Walker. A forgotten sticker on a post showed the Stoneleigh Cycle phone number — now reactivated as Pedal Fun’s number!

Scott began with casual family bike rides as a kid, graduating to BMX, then road biking, and eventually racing for the University of Arizona and trade teams along the West Coast. He appreciates all levels of cycling, and his passion is helping make biking fun and accessible for everyone.

He wants to be your neighborhood bike shop guy, someone you can call with an urgent bike need and he will hook you up, even outside of business hours (he’ll offer customers his cell number).

Repairs and service are the core business, but the new bikes Scott sells are super cool. He’s connected with Giant cycles out of New Jersey, and can offer everything from scoot bikes to state-of-the-art racing cycles, including the Liv line for women. He also sells new biking accessories and gear for spin classes. Scott can get next-day delivery on an extensive selection of additional bikes and items.

One young man in Anneslie recently stopped in to choose a bike as a 13th birthday gift from his parents. Scott helped him try various models and determine the best features. The selected bike was ordered, delivered the following day, and Scott had it ready for that newly minted teen to leave on his dream ride — pure joy all around.

Scott is a Renaissance man, with a side gig of stringing leather and lace pockets for lacrosse sticks. He’s also fascinated with the history of our community and loves to hear how people’s roots around Towson are still strong. That deep community vibe is what attracted Scott to this area.

“I have lived here since 1998 and know what a special community this is,” Scott says. “It is an area that supports independent small business and deserves its own bike shop.”

Check out Pedal Fun Cycles at 6717 York Road (alley entrance on Locust Drive). You can also reach Scott at 410-377-4447 or

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