Padonia swimmers lead way at Straehle Invitational

Padonia Park and Meadowbrook swimmers dominated at the Straehle Invitational at South Carroll Swim Club in Sykesville.

Below are the swimmers from area pools who finished in the top five of each event. 

Meadowbrook Tomatoes

8-under-girls: Kate Lakatta 1st breaststroke.

8-under-boys: Nathaniel Lackamp 2nd backstroke 3rd freestyle; Teddy McQuaid 2nd butterfly.

9-10 girls: Kacey McKenna 1st Individual Medley, 1st fly, 1st breast; Caroline Benda 1st free, 1st back, 2nd IM.

9-10 boys: Alex Lakatta 1st IM, 2nd free, 5th breast; Cameron Shinnick 2nd back, 5th IM, 5th fly.

11-12 boys: Nick Gordan 3rd free; Ronan Nealis 5th back.

13-14 girls: Brooke Ruffin 5th free

9-10 girls 200 freestyle relay: Caroline Benda, Kacey McKenna, Meghan Benda, Elisa Tuominen 1st.

9-10 boys 200 free relay: Alex Lakatta, Cameron Shinnick, Liam Schindler, TJ Matteini 1st.

8-under mixed 100 free relay: Nathaniel Lackamp, Jemma Bain, Kate Lakatta, Teddy McQuaid 1st.

11-12 boys 200 free relay: Nick Gordan, Drew Conboy, Quincy Marchelya, Marshall Fry 1st.

Padonia Park Pooh Bears

8-under-girls: Abigail Chao 1st back.

8-under-boys: Harry Belbot 2nd breast, 5th fly.

9-10 girls: Maggie Belbot 4th IM; Kira MacMullan 3rd back, 4th fly, 5th free; Mia Burke Dopson 4th back.

9-10 boys: Jack Belbot 3rd back, 4th IM.

11-12 girls: Lauren Waire 3rd fly, 5th IM; Naomi Chao 4th breast.

11-12 boys: Colin Bitz 4th IM, fly; Nicholas Poulos 3rd back, 3rd fly, 4th breast.

13-14 boys: Peter Difurio 1st IM, 1st free, 2nd back; Casey Brown 1st back; Mason Cooper 1st breast; Connor Bitz 3rd breast.

15-18 girls: Colby Stein 2nd back.

8-under mixed 100 free relay: Jack Kinney, Caroline Weigel, Harry Belbot, Abigail Chao 4th.

9-10 girls 200 free relay: Mia Burke Dopson, Sara Smith, Maggie Belbot, Kira MacMullan 2nd.

11-12 girls 200 free relay: Alexis Yeagle, Meghan Lee, Naomi Chao, Lauren Waire 3rd.

11-12 boys 200 free relay: Ryan Blumenfeld, Logan Barsoum, Colin Bitz, Nicholas Poulos 3rd.

13-14 boys 200 free relay: Alexander Zuga, Casey Brown, Peter Difurio, Mason Cooper 1st.

Dulaney Dolphins

8-under-girls: Daphne E. Mead 3rd breast.

11-12 girls: Lilly C. Mead 2nd back, 5th free.

Roland Run Stingrays

8-under-girls: Cate Godey 5th 25 breast.

8-under-boys: Ryan Grogan 3rd 25 back, 5th 25 free.

9-10 girls: Caroline Connolly 2nd 25 fly, 3rd IM; Amelia Derr 5th 25 fly.

9-10 boys: Ryan Branon 2nd fly, 3rd 100 IM, 3rd 50 free.

13-14 girls: Annabelle Lombardo 1st breast.

9-10 girls free relay: Hope Byers, Lily Scheps, Caroline Connolly, Amelia Derr 3rd.

11-12 girls free relay: Emma Lynch, Allison Diamond, Kenley Hewitt, Makaela Hill 5th.

Girls 13-14 free relay: Ellen Brooks, Caroline Brooks, Samantha Nason, Annabelle Lombardo 1st

8-under mixed free relay: Elise Purcell, Patrick Branon, Cecilia Connolly, Ryan Grogan 5th.


11-12 boys: Tommy Hurley 2nd free, 2nd 50 back, 3rd IM.

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