Baltimore County gave proper notice of stormwater fee meeting

Baltimore County officials gave proper notice of its meeting where residents could testify about a new stormwater fee, according to state panel that rules on open meeting complaints.

In an opinion this week, the Open Meetings Compliance Board said county documentation shows it met legal requirements to advertise a County Council work session where the public could comment on the fee, as well as the legislative meeting where the council voted to adopt it. Both meetings were held in April.

Pikesville resident Ralph Jaffe had filed a complaint against the County Council, saying the public did not have enough notice of the council's work session. But the board found the county did not violate the Open Meetings Act, which requires proper notice of public meetings.

"The county advertised both meetings in three successive editions of the weekly local newspaper," the opinion states. "The advertisements clearly state that the County Council would discuss the fee measure on both dates. The advertisements invite public comment."

The county also posted notice of the meetings on its website, the opinion said.

Jaffe, a former teacher, could not be reached for comment Thursday evening.

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