Memories of summers past bittersweet as Milford Mill Swim Club sold at auction [Reisterstown]

Sometimes, fond memories are best left as is. They evoke wistful smiles for what was and will likely never be again. Such is the case in the June 27 auction of Milford Mill Swim Club.

The metal gates were flung wide open, though a weather-beaten sign said "Closed for the Summer for Repairs & Maintenance." The cement drive in seemed in good condition, but the parking areas was busted up and riddled with weeds and trash. The gatehousewas sorely in need of a good coat of paint.

The floating docks with their peeling baby blue and princess pink paint were jarring. As was the dead silence of the empty pool and the quarry bereft of swimmers over which were still hanging the lifeless "Tarzan" ropes once used to traverse it.

A crowd of roughly 40 or so was gathered in the pavilion area. Some were there looking for memories. Some were of groups locked in discussions pertaining to the property, and awaiting the auctioneer's call to get started. And so Dan Billig (of A. J. Billig & Co.) did with his own reminiscing — for it was at Milford Mill Swim Club that he learned how to swim.

The auctioneer's chant began. The process was quick and decisive and came down to two actual bidders in the course of a very few minutes. Two women representing a nonprofit for the deaf bowed out when the purchase price went above $750,000.

Then it was up to half dozen businessmen dressed in casual attire. The spokesman for the group offered $775,000. There were no other bids and the deal was closed. . This elicited pats on the back, hugs and handshakes among the businessmen . In their midst was an unusually tall, thin gentleman wearing loose-fitting, flowing white robes and a white knitted skull cap who beamed his approval.

Amid all the hubbub, one Jamie Condon quietly broke away from her group, and ducked under the yellow tape that warned of a restricted area. She went down onto the floating docks, and in her street clothes, dove into the murky waters of the quarry.

Jamie is the lucky one, with more memories than all of us put together. Her grandparents were the Schlees, the partners in ownership of Milford Mill Swim Club with the Gamber family. Jamie not only spent all of her summers at the pool, but met her husband in its parking lot and was married there, as was the case in many other summer romances.

While commenting that the water was "better than she expected," Jamie announced that she had taken what was her last swim. "It's time for someone else to begin making their own memories," she said. And so they shall as Milford Mill Swim Club becomes the home of an as yet unnamed religious group.

Are you in search of that perfect bagel? Then, you're in luck. Sam's Bagels has come to town. This is owner/operator Dima Gorelik's "second time around." He owned the one at 730 Frederick Road for nine yearsA and sold it. A native of Russia, Dima arrived in the United States in 1989. He began his work career here as a butcher for Seven Mile Market.

With the able assistance of family members, Dima offers on a daily basis more than thirty different kinds of bagels. On days when his creativity is flowing, he conjures up bagel concoctions not to be found in any other bakery.

In his fully equipped kitchen, his bagels go first into the traditional boiling water bath, and are then oven baked. His breakfast sandwiches are toasted and served hot off of his grill, which takes a little longer as they are made with real fresh eggs; not the micro-waved pre-formed pre-made frozen egg patties used by many of his competitors.

Look for expanded hours and an expanded menu that will include homemade soups as we head toward the fall season. Sam's Bagels is located in the Cherryvale Shopping Center at 1708B, which was the former location of Five Guys.

Wishing Bonnie and Howard Heneson a very happy 50th anniversary.

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