Chocolatier saves the day for Valentine's procrastinators

It might not come as a surprise that Valentine's Day is the busiest day of the year at A. Kirchmayr Chocolatier in Timonium.

The gourmet shop on Deereco Road that makes its own chocolate in-house even extends its hours on Feb. 14.

"It's the busiest day because men are usually, in general, procrastinators," said owner Albert Kirchmayr. "When they leave work they remember they have to bring something home so we are open then."

For the holiday, the shop has a few specialties, including assorted chocolate candies encased in a chocolate shell and chocolate-covered strawberries.

"Everbody needs some chocolates for their sweetheart," he said. "So we're basically working around the clock to try to satisfy everybody's needs."

A. Kirchmayr also has a variety of heart-shaped assorted chocolate boxes and other Valentine's Day-themed treats.

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