Rec council to honor Louise Kurtz, longtime dance teacher [Lutherville-Timonium]

Mother's Day weekend has traditionally been a very popular time for dance recitals and this year is no different. On Sunday, May 10, the Lutherville Timonium Recreation Council invites you to join them at Dulaney High School for their annual ballet recital, entitled "In Nature's Realm."  

The dance company will be honoring Louise Kurtz, its chief ballet instructor who has been teaching Lutherville dance students for close to 50 years. Ms. Kurtz has also personally taught the other two ballet instructors with the program, namely, Donna Gury and Sarah Smith since they were young dancers in the program. Keeping it all in the family, Ms. Gury's mother, AnnaMarie Scharbeck, a longtime Lutherville resident, has been volunteering with the ballet company for 20 years. She currently serves as director and costume designer, making many of the costumes and headpieces for the solo dances by hand.  The performance begins at 2:30 p.m. and features dancers from 4 to adult and is free. This is one not to be missed. For more information, contact AnnaMarie Scharbeck at 410-252-8797.

Patients in the Timonium office of Drs. Isaacs, Nawy, Olson and Stern always have a reason to smile, and not just to show off their braces! Each time patients visit an orthodontist, they earn points for good dental hygiene, which they can either trade in for various prizes or donate to a charitable cause. This month, the office is donating a dollar for every point patients' donate to St. Jude Children's Hospital, with several hundred dollars already collected. In the past few months, the office has supported many charitable causes such as Operation Smile, the Baltimore Women's Shelter and Pet Rescue of Maryland. Eileen Harlin, an office manager at the orthodontist  practice, was very impressed by the generosity of their patients who donated enough points to pay for six full cleft palate surgeries, costing approximately $2,000.  Dr. Scott Nawy hopes "to continue to provide patients with opportunities to give back to the community and to make their dental experience more enjoyable." In addition to these charitable causes, the office constantly runs contests to keep their patients engaged, with phenomenal prizes. Braces aren't sounding so bad after all!

For 35 years, Timonium United Methodist Church on Pot Spring Road has provided home rehabilitation for families in need. This year, a team of seven volunteers are headed to Appalachia, Kentucky, July 5-12 to help needy people. Jeff Hillard and his daughter, Laura, Spring Lake residents, are looking forward to the opportunity to make a difference this summer. This father/daughter duo, along with their group leader Paul Dickover, are scheduled to spend a week there. All are invited to support these wonderful volunteers at a spaghetti dinner benefitting Appalachian Service Project on Saturday, April 26 from 4-7 pm. for a small donation. Go to for more information.

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