Summer Shack snoballs a hit on 80-degree April day [Lutherville-Timonium]

The first telltale sign of summer weather and a line forms at the Summer Shack Snoball Stand on West Joppa Road.

One recent, 80-degree Sunday afternoon, people were lined up to get a first sugar fix of the season — and I was happily among them! While waiting in line, I met the most adorable Lutherville residents, who were looking for a post game treat. Laurel Robinson, 6 and Piper Morris, 5 were proudly donning their Lutherville lacrosse pinnies after their game and enjoying a refreshing snoball. After their snowballs, they were headed home for some old-fashioned fun — racing frogs down the driveway from a nearby pond! That is a true taste of summer in April.

You may have noticed the meat department at Graul's in Mays Chapel has received a modest makeover. This local favorite market, known for it's personal service, felt it was time that the meat department caught up to its other departments.

Dennis Graul said he is pleased with the positive feedback on the meat department's new look, expanded oven-ready favorites and new cuts of meat.  If you are lucky enough to find Graul's butcher and Lutherville resident Eli Kanaras behind the counter, you won't go wrong.  He has spent five years working at the store as a butcher and his expertise and smile go a long way. 

The accounting office of KatzAbosch on Deereco Road was recently featured on Maryland Public Television when Andrew Bareham, principal at the firm, presented viewers with a review of  the 2013 tax changes.

If you were shocked by the amount of your tax bill this year, several new income tax laws may be responsible for the larger bill. For example, the ObamaCare tax, also known as the 2010 Health Care Act  imposed an additional 3.8 percent tax on those who earned over $200,000 individually or $250,000 for joint filers. During the broadcast, Mr. Bareham warned viewers about the increase in identity theft with regard to income tax. He said the identity thief electronically files a refund early in the year and then receives the tax refund using a stolen Social Security number. After 28 years in the field, Mr. Bareham mentioned that tax preparers were increasingly stressed this year due to "growing government complexity," among other reasons. Their accountants have had to do more work in less time this year, he said. KatzAbosch has been in the Timonium area for over nine years and employs more than 40 certified public accountants. 

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