Lockheed Martin moving logistics group to Middle River

In a cost-cutting move, a logistics division of Lockheed Martin is moving from Johnstown, Pa., to Middle River, according to a company representative.

The 78-person Global Supply Chain Services team was notified of the move Thursday, said Emily Caruso, a Lockheed Martin spokeswoman.

"Our goal is to make offers to all qualified employees willing to relocate," Caruso said. "We'll supplement that with local hiring."

Lockheed Martin is not renewing the lease on this division's workspace in Johnstown, a move that will save the company $1.6 million annually, she said. The lease expires at the end of August, she said.

The division will move into existing Lockheed Martin space in Middle River, she said. The company currently has 420 employees in Middle River, Caruso said, and the Global Supply Chain Services team is headquartered there.

The company would like to move employees as soon as they're willing, she said.

The Global Supply Chain services division provides maintenance and repair services, warehousing and transportation, Caruso said. Its largest customer is the military's Defense Logistics Agency, she said.



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