At Heathrow Court Apartments in Perry Hall, an off-duty Baltimore police officer noticed a man carrying a flat-screen TV. He was able to provide county police with a full description of the man, the silver two-door sedan and a license plate number.

Police say they tracked White's girlfriend's 2004 Toyota Solara to an apartment on Clover Crest Way in Cockeysville. Detectives obtained a search warrant to put a GPS unit on the car to follow it.

In May, police say, a burglary unit surveillance team followed White through several apartment complexes along Cranbrook Road, according to charging documents. Detectives say he was casing the buildings to see which apartments were occupied.

White parked outside a building on Saddletop Court, police say, and carried a bag inside. Police say he emerged with what appeared to be a laptop. He went back in, police say, carried out another computer, and then made a third trip for a 42-inch TV.

He returned to the building one more time, police say, and came back with the remotes in his pockets.

Officers then followed White across Cranbrook Road, police say, and arrested him at his girlfriend's apartment on Clover Crest Way. Police say officers found the TV remotes still in his pockets.

"I didn't take anything inside," White told officers, according to court documents.

At the last apartment officers say White visited, police found the door pried open, and a hole punched through the wall to the next unit.

Officers took White back to the Cockeysville Precinct, where police say he said he had sold the stolen goods to support a $300-a-day drug addiction, according to charging documents.