Letter: Community support helped 'Willy Wonka' production succeed

I want to thank the Laurel community who supported Laurel High School's production of "Willy Wonka" this past weekend. I am clear that you have many choices about how you spend your weekend evenings. The Laurel High School Performing Arts Department very much appreciates that you chose to attend "Willy Wonka" instead of the many other activities available to you. Because of you, we achieved record attendance at all three performances. Because of you, we raised money required to create our next big production. Because of you, our actors and musicians were able to look out at a sea of supportive faces. Your attendance made a very big difference!

Many thanks to Don Pablo's, Silver Diner and TGIFriday's for their gracious partnership. Each of these restaurants joined with the school to offer special discounts to all customers who presented their "Willy Wonka" tickets. Support from our community makes our school stronger and we hope that these community partnerships can continue into the future.

I also want to thank the many volunteers whose work helped to make our show a success. No great program excels without volunteer support and Laurel High School's Performing Arts Department is no exception. Thanks to the parents, staff and friends of Laurel High School — you know who you are — who stepped up to make a difference.

We promise you that with your continued support, Laurel High School Performing Arts will continue to learn, grow and improve. And you can look forward to ever more delightful performances over the years to come!

Heidi Hess-Webber

Willy Wonka Volunteer Coordinator

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