Police say woman was struck in head over parking spot in Catonsville

An argument between two female drivers over a parking space at a McDonald's in Catonsville turned physical when one struck the other in the head several times with a piece of wood, Baltimore County Police said Monday.

Witnesses told police that they saw two women arguing Saturday after the driver of a silver car pulled into a parking spot that the other woman had been waiting for in front of a McDonald’s on Baltimore National Pike, Baltimore County Police spokeswoman Louise Rogers-Feher said. 

When the driver of the silver car parked in the spot, the other driver honked her horn, Rogers-Feher said. 

Both women got out of their vehicles and began to argue, Rogers-Feher said. The driver of the silver car then allegedly took a piece of wood out of her trunk.

Observers broke up the argument and both drivers left the area, Rogers-Feher said.

As the silver car left, the other driver threw an empty container of fabric softener at the car, Rogers-Feher said.

The driver of the silver car followed the other car to a traffic signal at Old Frederick Road and Academy Road, then pulled in front of the car, according to police. Another argument ensued and the driver of the silver car hit the woman several times with the piece of wood, Rogers-Feher said. 

The woman was taken to St. Agnes Hospital for lacerations on her forehead and was released on Saturday, according to the hospital.

Police are investigating the incident and said no charges had been filed and no one had been arrested. 

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