Five-year-old Herbert Contreras, of Woodbridge Valley, paddles through the water in the boys 6 and under 25-meter freestyle during the Don Schaub Invitational. (Staff photo by Brian Krista / July 10, 2013)

Catonsville swim teams will end the regular season on Saturday, July 20 with three squads fiinishing on the road and one at home. The Rollingwood Seals will host North St. Johns at 9 a.m. while Five Oaks travels to Hammond Park: Woodbridge Valley heads to Southdown and Hunting Hills goes to Freedon.

Here are results from recent swim meets.

The Don Schaub Invitational was held at Five Oaks Swim Club on Wednesday, July 10 for swimmers less experienced and often out of the spotlight during the regular meets.

Five Oaks at Don Schaub Inviational
6-and-under-boys: Grayson Kirby, 1st back, 2nd free.

8-and-under-girls: Abigail Regan, 3rd back; Anna Walchak, 2nd back; Charlotte Griffith, 1st breast; Molly Browning, 3rd fly; Sophia Aquino, 1st back; Bryce Kelley, 1st free, back.

8-and-under-boys: Asher Vance, 1st back, breast; Mason Ritter, 2nd back; Niko Madrid 1st breast; Vince Pell, 2nd breast; Jackson Reichardt, 2nd breast; Christopher Riley, 2nd free; Brendan Shaw, 3rd free; Isak Wilson, 3rd free.

9-10 girls: Tori Booth, 2nd back, 3rd fly; Caroline Rehder, 1st free, breast; Olivia Totaro, 3rd free.

9-10 boys: Nicholas Balis, 2nd breast; Declan Kirby, 3rd fly; Ryan Browning 3rd free; Chase Ritter, 2nd back, Parker Ritter, 3rd back, breast.

11-12 girls: Sharon Kalb, 2nd free; Ellie Schumacher, 1st free; Grace Dillingham, 1st breast; Isabella Stephen, 2nd free.

11-12 boys: Will Miller, 1st free.

13-14 girls: Mckenzie Barkdull-Pugmire, 2nd fly.

Five Oaks dominates Navy, 303-170

6-and-under-girls: Zoe Weker, 1st free, back; Maya King, 2nd back, 3rd free.

6-and-under-boys: Ian Griffith, 2nd free, back.

8-and-under-girls: Anna Regan, 1st fly, 2nd free, breast; Anna Walchak, 3rd free; Cate O’Ferrell 3rd fly; Alice Totaro 3rd back; Audrey Adelsberger, 2nd back, 3rd breast; Charlotte Griffith, 1st breast.

8-and-under-boys: Oliver Wack, 2nd free, fly, 3rd back, breast; Kodiak Bolton, 3rd free; Finn Alexander, 1st back, breast,fly; Roman Dongarra, 3rd fly.9-10 girls: Mary Caroline Dunworth, 2nd IM, fly, breast; Isabella Dongarra 2nd IM; Beverly Bolster, 3rd breast; Olivia Totaro, 2nd back.

9-10 boys: Nathan Sukeena, 1st fly, free, breast; Michael Wood 1st IM, 2nd free, 3rd fly; Quinn Griffith, 1st breast, 3rd free; Jackson Corcoran, 3rd back.

11-12 girls: Francesca Ippolito, 2nd IM, 3rd free, fly; Paige Adelsberger, 1st free, fly, 3rd breast; Michelle Milter 1st IM, breast, 2nd back.

11-12 boys: Chase Bettick 1st IM, free, breast; James Sentz, 1st fly, 2nd free, back; Luke Dongarra 1st back, 2nd IM, breast; Elliott Wack, 3rd IM, back.

13-14 girls: Amy Egan, 1st IM, free, breast, fly; Mary Rose Zoeckler, 1st back, 2nd IM, free, breast.