Catonsville resident reacts to government shutdown

Hundreds of thousands of government employees were furloughed Tuesday after the federal government began its first partial shutdown in 17 years.

James Kitchel, a Catonsville resident and government employee, was lucky enough to escape the widespread furloughs.

Kitchel works for Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation — a private government corporation that manages pensions — and was able to continue work as usual on Tuesday. However, he said he is frustrated with the decisions made by elected officials in recent days.

"It's almost extra-constitutional," Kitchel said Tuesday. "There are very, very few issues where going this far outside the normal bounds of the way our system is supposed to operate are justified.

"And the thing that really scares me is they're not going to be content with just shutting down the government," he said of the majority Republican House. "They may be so divorced from reality that they're willing to trash the debt ceiling, too.

"It's one more insulting injury," Kitchel said. "It's not even adding insult to injury, it's just one more insulting injury.

"It's unfair, it's unfortunate."


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