8-under-boys: Nathan Pitroff, 1st free, fly, breast; Brian Ruppel, 3rd back, fly; Jonah Stein, 1st back, 2nd free, breast.

9-10 girls: Jenna Missigman, 2nd breast; Meredith Morse, 3rd free; Libby Ruppel, 2nd fly, 3rd IM.

9-10 boys: Tyler Fanyo-Tabak, 1st free, 2nd back; Sean Miller, 1st IM, breast; Matthew Perry, 2nd fly; William Slade, 2nd breast; Jack Stover, 3rd fly; Noah Waltz, 3rd back.

11-12 girls: Elizabeth Perry, 3rd back; Lilly Stein, 1st free, 3rd breast; Zoe Waddell, 2nd fly; Sara Younts, 1st breast, 3rd IM.

11-12 boys: Bryce Spinnato, 1st back, 2nd free, breast; Wesley Chairs, 3rd IM; Adam Stein, 3rd free, fly.

13-14 girls: Sophie McKenna-Wilson, 3rd free, back; Maddie McVearry, 1st breast, 2nd free; Maggie Stein, 2nd fly, breast; Brittany Stevens, 3rd IM; Rebecca Younts, 1st fly, 2nd IM.

13-14 boys: Noah Herrick, 2nd back, 3rd breast; Victor O'Toole, 1st fly, 2nd IM, free; John Perry, 3rd free, back; Andy Rudrow, 1st back, 2nd fly, 3rd IM; Adam Szarko, 2nd breast, 3rd fly.

15-18 girls: Colleen Miller, 3rd back; Stephanie Norris, 1st IM, free, fly; Brianna Spinnato, 1st breast, 3rd IM, free; Brooke Stevens, 3rd fly.

15-18 boys: Chris Krabbe, 2nd IM, 3rd fly; Billy Vaughn, 3rd breast.

Hunting Hills (1-1) upends Chartwell, 255-207 in week two of swim season.


6 and under girls: Ava Chen, 3rd free.

8 and under girls: Cecelia Liberto, 1st free, fly, breast.

8 and under boys: James Bartel, 3rd free; Vladimir Gapeev, 2nd breast; Logan Gilmore, 3rd back, fly; Henry Romeo, 1st fly.

9-10 girls: Erin Berlin, 3rd fly; Hazel Montgomery-Walsh, 2nd fly, 3rd IM, breast; Ava Vanek, 2nd back, 3rd free.

9-10 boys: Grant Nyland, 1st free, fly, 3rd breast; Shan Skaarenborg, 1st breast, 3rd back.

11-12 girls: Sydney Bubnis, 1st fly; Jenna Gwinn, 1st IM, breast, 3rd free; Makaela Hill, 2nd IM, free, breast; Mira Loomis, 1st free, back, 2nd fly.

11-12 boys: Evan Berlin, 2nd fly, 3rd free; Dima Gapeev, 3rd IM, breast; Jack Gregory, 1st IM, fly, 2nd free; Charlie Romeo, 2nd back, breast.

13-14 girls: Allison Berlin, 2nd fly; Bridget Bodley, 1st free, 2nd IM, 3rd fly; Anna Hall, 1st IM, back, 2nd free.

13-14 boys: Joseph Loeb, 1st IM, free, back, fly; Luke Pound, 1st breast, 2nd free, 3rd back.