Catonsville cyclist nearing destination after 4K for Cancer cross-country trip

After more than two months on the road and more than 4,000 miles on her bike, Sarah Robbins is almost home.

The 20-year-old Catonsville native and with 26 other people began their cross-country journey to Portland, Ore. from the Inner Harbor on June 2, as part of Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults' 4K for Cancer.

As of Tuesday, the cyclists were already in Oregon and scheduled to arrive in Portland around 11 a.m. Saturday, where they would be welcomed by family and friends.

"I think a lot of people have parents or a boyfriend or a sibling coming out to see them," said Robbins on Aug. 6, adding that her parents would be among those waiting to greet her when she arrived.

In May, the Mount de Sales Academy graduate said she had never ridden a bike more than 15 miles at a time.

But in the past few weeks she and her teammates have biked over 100 miles in a day.

That includes traversing both Loveland Pass in the Colorado Rockies and Teton Pass in Wyoming, one of the steepest climbs in the nation, she said.

"All of us really hated climbing at the beginning because it's really hard, it really gets your heart pumping," said Robbins, a junior at University of Maryland, College Park. "But we love it now because it really brings the team together.

"Once we got to Colorado and started climbing the Rockies, we were all just having a blast," she said. "You'll cheer each other on and keep each other going."

After seeing the first road sign for Portland on July 29, Robbins said she and her teammates are feeling bittersweet about reaching their destination.

"It's really weird because if we wanted to, we could bike to Portland today, but we're going to the coast first," Robbins said.

"We still have, I guess, four more days of biking," she said. "But I think all of us are trying to not get to Portland right now, because we don't want the trip to end."

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