"I saw all the ambulances this morning when I took my dog out," Cox said. "That's crazy, cops getting killed."

Cox said he thinks there are problems with drugs in the neighborhood and hopes nothing further happens as a result of Wednesday's shootings.

"I tell you what, that's going to start something," he said of the officer's death. "They've got drugs back there.

First District Councilman Tom Quirk also expressed his condolences for Wednesday’s incident.

“Obviously we’ve had some pretty aggressive police operations off Winters Lane,” Quirk said. “Not only in response to the recent shootings.

“I think we have an outstanding captain at the Wilkens precinct, Doug Irwin, and we have significant police resources,” he said. “Clearly we’re pushing back [against crime] hard.

“Unfortunately this morning, an officer was killed in the line of duty protecting the citizens of Baltimore County,” Quirk said.

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz released a statement Wednesday responding to the incident.

"On behalf of the 817,000 residents of Baltimore County, my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Tactical Officer Jason Schneider who was shot and killed this morning while doing what our police officers do fearlessly each and every day  -- protecting our Baltimore County neighborhoods," the statement said.

"To the men and women of the Baltimore County Police Department, please know that we appreciate your service and know that you are in great pain having lost a brother in arms this morning," the statement said. "I encourage everyone in Baltimore County to take a private moment today to remember Officer Schneider and his family.  He was one of Baltimore County's quiet heroes."

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