Baltimore City senator approached session with future in Baltimore County in mind

State Sen. Verna Jones-Rodwell now represents District 44 in Baltimore City. But beginning in 2014, her district will also include portions of Catonsville.

The Democrat was first elected to the House of Delegates in 1999 and the Senate in 2003.

During the recent session of the General Assembly, she was chairwoman of the Senate's Pension Subcommittee and of the Baltimore City Senate Delegation.

Last week, she shared her views on the recent session with Catonsville voters.

Jones-Rodwell said that she approached the 2013 General Assembly with Baltimore County in mind.

She said getting money for school construction in both Baltimore City and Baltimore County was one of the highlights.

"The easiest (vote) for me was the Baltimore City school construction and also the money for the schools for Baltimore County," Jones-Rodwell said.

She said she thinks that money will help to alleviate problems in schools ranging from overcrowding to lack of air conditioning.

She said that although she was disappointed to see an increase in the gas tax, she was most disappointed that there was still a lingering deficit.

"I think the transportation bill was the hardest because it was a bill that yes, it provides the revenues that we need for our infrastructure, but when I ride up to the pump, I feel the pain like everybody else," Jones-Rodwell said.

"We couldn't fund everything, but we've made great head ways," she said.

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