"We run an aggressive field campaign," Jones-Rodwell said.

"I do whatever I have to do to win, to get people to know me," she said.

"I'm competitive. I'm a competitive candidate. This isn't like she's going to be able to walk in and assume this position. She's going to have to win it," Jones-Rodwell said.

Nathan-Pulliam is confident in her abilities and said she will continue to focus on the same issues she has supported for many years.

"I will continue to work on the environment, on health, on the economic development, the public safety, Just the same issues that I have been working on all along. I don't see any reason for me to change," Nathan-Pulliam said.

Those particular issues accounted for what she considered the highs and lows of the 2013 Maryland General Assembly.

The Firearms Safety Act of 2013 was a big plus, she said, because of the protection it will provide citizens in the future, she said.

"At the end I was happy to see what we got and that we have in there one of the strongest gun control laws in the nation," Nathan-Pulliam said.

She said she heeded her constituents when casting her vote for the bill to increase gas taxes in Maryland.

"People, particularly in Catonsville, sent me a large number of letters telling me not to vote for it," Nathan-Pulliam said.

"That kept me up trying to decide what to do," she said.

Nathan-Pulliam said that was the hardest piece of legislation on which she voted during the 2013 session.

"I was very comfortable casting the votes for all the other major issues," she said.