Kudos to Woodbridge for helping to facilitate pre-k program

Isn't it wonderful that a Catonsville school, located north of Route 40 (an area considered by many south of Route 40 residents to not be part of Catonsville) to collaboratively share its resources with a school south of Route 40?! 

As an 18 year resident of Woodbridge Valley, with two children who attended Woodbridge Elementary School, I have long known Woodbridge Elementary to be a place of excellence.

Someone once referred to the Woodbridge area as "a diamond in the rough," a hidden place of local residential beauty.

I sometimes feel snubbed by south of Route 40 residents. I was once told by a Hillcrest mom that "families who choose to live north of 40, where housing is less expensive, should not expect the same quality of education as those of us who live south of 40."

I am so grateful to Baltimore County Public Schools for finding ways to make education positive for all students, regardless of home school zone. 

It would be my guess that Woodbridge Elementary added an afternoon pre-K to allow this to occur. With the understanding that pre-K is currently needs based, hopefully Hillcrest zoned families recognize the service the school system makes available to all students, through collaboration with other Catonsville area schools.

While I do not know the details, I presume a portion of the Hillcrest budget is being diverted to cover the opportunity being offered at Woodbridge to support the full time position required of a pre-K teacher, with both morning and afternoon instructional times.

I was proud to learn of the creativity offered by Woodbridge Elementary to assist in finding a way to offer pre-K to students in the Catonsville area who, due to crowded conditions, may otherwise not have had as comfortable a place to learn and grow. 

Way to go Woodbridge Elementary faculty and staff for allowing your light to shine!

Sharon Loving

Woodbridge Valley

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