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Opposition to health care law led to government shutdown [Column]

I have a different take on the recent government shutdown than that offered by my friend and fellow civil servant, Stephen Sullivan ("Partisan divide leads down path to dysfunctional government," Catonsville Times, Oct. 16).

Far from a malicious obstruction by a band of politicians designed to hurt the economy, the shutdown was the reasonable outworking of the deep divisions in our country on the issue of government-run health care.

Recall that many of the Republicans were elected on the promise to oppose "Obamacare" by all means possible. These representatives used the House's right to grant or withhold money, in order to fund all parts of the government except for a proposed one year delay in "Obamacare."

This was a legitimate demand, given the program's failed promises (Anyone seen a $2,500 decrease in premiums or believe this program will not cost taxpayers a dime?), questionable Constitutional merit (a good case can be made that it violates the origination clause), and delays in the rollout of the exchanges and employer mandate.  

Gary Ault


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