"I will also be working very hard to get a turf field at CCBC Catonsville," said Malone, a graduate of what was formerly known as Catonsville Community College.

"When you go to the high schools, you have a great turf field at Catonsville [High School}, and they have a great turf field at Lansdowne [High]," he said. "And then you go to Catonsville Community College [CCBC] and they don't have a turf field."

Joan Swiston, campus director for CCBC Catonsville, said she is grateful to hear Malone's promises to build a new field.

"We are always needing funding to keep our campus up to date," she said.

Omar Jennings IV — whose father, Omar Jennings, owns Jennings restaurant on Frederick Road in Catonsville, said after the meeting that he was impressed with the presentations.

Jennings, a financial advisor with chamber member AXA Advisors, said the luncheon made him realize what a great team of the elected officials there is in the southwest area of the county.

He said he would be sad to see Dels. DeBoy, Malone and Jones and state Sen. Kelley no longer represent the area after next year.

"My biggest take away [from the luncheon] was realizing what we're losing in our leadership team," he said.