"It's been good," he said of his experience at the shelter. "They give you a place to sleep, a place to eat. They help you get back on your feet."

Wednesday, he used a blend of purple and white to paint a three-peaked mountain range on the group canvas.

"It's just a peaceful place, a peaceful, serene place," Bruce said.

"Me and my mom used to watch [painter] Bob Ross all the time," he said on the popular television painting instructor known for his afro and cheerful outlook. "I just wanted to put something down that we watched a lot."

Eddie Tucker, 31, said he arrived at the shelter on May 10 after being evicted from his Towson apartment.

He said the shelter has helped him get back on his feet and he enjoyed contributing to the group painting.

"I painted a house with a chimney and windows," Tucker said. "Just whatever came in my mind."

He thinks the painting's tour of Catonsville will aid not only the shelter, but for general awareness about homelessness.

"[If] They see our painting, that will help big time," Tucker said.

"Living on the streets is no fun," he said. "I don't want to go back in that position."