"One of my favorite things are her peanut butter chocolate eggs. I'm addicted," Stone said.

Every year, Stone drives to Pennsylvania with her husband and two children to visit relatives for the holiday. Last year, she brought a dozen of Sinclair's chocolate Easter eggs to share with her family. She confessed she had a hard time resisting them on the drive. Six disappeared before they arrived at their destination. This year, she planned ahead and bought an extra dozen.

Erika Ciresi, 34, of Halethorpe, grew up with Sinclair and has been a customer for more than 12 years.

"She's been making my children's birthday cakes since they were born," said Ciresi, a mother of two.

All of the recipes Sinclair uses at her business have been passed down from her 70-year-old mother, Ginny Jordan, who used to bake everything from cakes to pies when she was growing up.

"I took over when her hands wouldn't let her do it anymore," said Sinclair, who has been making sweets for nearly 20 years.

She began baking cakes for family occasions like her mother had done when she was growing up. That eventually turned into a full-fledged business.

For Sinclair, baking is more than a business — it's a passion.

"My passion is definitely making the cakes. You give me a theme and I'll tackle it," she said.

On Wednesday morning, Camille Burke, who has lived in Catonsville since 1973, ordered an apple crumb pie for Easter Sunday.

"I ordered the same pie for Christmas, and sent my husband to pick it up," Burke said. "And then he comes home with chocolates."

"I'm coming back because of how good the pie was," Burke said.

"I just have a feeling I'll be seeing you a lot in the future," Burke said, a strawberry pie in her hand.