"Catonsville High School had an electronic music class, which I kind of excelled at," Towns said. "They had multi-track tape recorders and stuff like that.

"It was self-taught really," he said of sound mixing. "It was just something I took to naturally, I guess."

After graduating from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, with a degree in fine arts, Towns started his career as a freelance sound mixer for a kids show on PBS called "Power House."

"After freelancing, I just kept going with it," he said.

He has worked for National Geographic and Discovery Channel and been to more than 40 different countries, he said.

"And I do commercials and corporate work and all kinds of stuff in Baltimore," he said.

He admitted he has not had time to fully enjoy his latest award.

He said he is proud of his newest Emmy and glad to be working on another challenging project.

"I've got one on display," he said of his first Emmy. "The newest one is in a box still. "I haven't put it on a shelf yet 'cause I was busy getting ready for this next project."