Christmas lights a tradition for Catonsville couple

For the past 17 years, Catonsville residents Joe and Pinky Roedig have made Christmastime more colorful in their neighborhood.

Neighbors have come to expect the elaborate light display in the front yard of the Roedigs' house in the 1200 block of Frederick Road.

"It makes you feel like it's Christmas," Pinky Roedig said. "It makes you feel joyful."

The decorations are not necessarily Christmas-themed, Roedig said, but the lights, which extend from their house to the garden and walkway, are meant to be festive.

Last year's lights were all blue. This year's setup is multicolored and features an array of columns, ornament-filled trees and flashing posts that line the front yard.

"We don't like to put the same thing in all the time," Joe Roedig said. "When people pass by, they say they're always watching to see if something new is coming."

The Roedigs also decorate the inside of their home, where they run a day spa.

Their home's "winter wonderland" theme, adds to the overall client experience, Roedig said. "They absolutely love it," she said.

Catonsville resident Rosalie Sherwin said she can see the Roedigs' lights from her bedroom window, and she falls asleep at night looking at them.

"Pinky and Joe work so hard on putting those lights up," Sherwin said. "It brings so many people so much pleasure."

Carolyn Listow, who lives across the street from the Roedigs, said Pinky Roedig does "everything with love."

People who walk through the neighborhood are constantly stopping to look at the house, she said.

"It's quite an attraction," Listow said.

In order to keep their ideas fresh, the Roedigs plan their light designs one year before they actually go up. They take advantage of sales after Christmas, and the materials sit in boxes in their home until Thanksgiving ends.

When comes time to decorate, the Roedigs will spend two to three days stringing the lights and setting everything up.

When they work together, Pinky Roedig is the brains behind the operation, Joe Roedig said.

"She's really the decorator," he said.

The Roedigs remain creative decorating their property even after the Christmas lights are taken down. During the warmer months of the year, they put tropical plants in their garden, such as a large elephant's-ear leaf.

"Every season, they go all out," said Maggie Schorr, a neighbor and friend of the Roedigs. "The do bring a lot of joy to the neighborhood."

Plans for next winter's lights are already under way, but the Roedigs are going to keep their vision a secret in order to preserve the surprise.

For now, they enjoy the colorful results of their hard work and the positive feedback from friends, neighbors and complete strangers.

"We get a kick out of it," Joe Roedig said.

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