Murduck said her parents are the driving force behind her passion for social work.

Her parents, Jim and Jenny Murduck, both joined the Peace Corps after high school. They served in Africa and were married while they were still in the service.

She said they were "thrilled" to hear she got the job at the CEFM Network.

The flowers on a desk in the lobby of the old two-story house that serves as the office of the organization, were sent by her parents, she said.

She grew up doing community service in the Catonsville area and has also traveled internationally to Costa Rica and Mexico with her family to help communities in need, she said.

"It's definitely part of my family environment, to be helping out and reaching out," she said.

Murduck said while she is Christian, she is open to, "people who aren't mainstream."

In her new role, she plans to reach out to make CEFM more sensitive to the needs of the community.

She said she'd like to bring in speakers for a seminar series on financial literacy, for example.

She would also like to expand the organization's reach to aid more people and provide more services to the community.

"Because we're small and our marketing capabilities aren't extensive, we often go unnoticed in the community," Murduck said.

Murduck hopes the organization will expand under her watch. She is looking to recruit more volunteers in order to serve a greater number of people in the community, she said.

"Being able to be part of a smaller nonprofit like CEFM, and see it grow and transform into something bigger and more sensitive to Catonsville's needs really gets me excited," Murduck said.