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Catonsville area swim clubs win meets on same day

Three area pools won their swim meets on July 5 as Hunting Hills, Woodbridge Valley and Rollingwood all celebrated during the holiday weekend.

Hunting Hills

Hunting Hills won its second swim meet of the season with a 261-216 victory over Swan Lake.


6-under girls: Morgan Winkfield, 1st free, back.

6-under boys: Stephen Blank, 3rd free; Patrick Czlonka, 1st free, 2nd
back; Salvatore Doede, 1st back, 2nd free.

8-under girls: Mary Cate Bryant, 2nd fly, 3rd breast; Jaynie Simpkins,
1st free, 3rd back; Rosalie Westrick, 2nd breast.

8-under boys: James Bartel, 3rd free, fly; Vladimir Gapeev, 2nd back;
Henry Romeo, 2nd fly, breast; Timmy Swift, 2nd free.

9-10 girls: Erin Berlin, 3rd fly; Caroline Bryant, 2nd free; Caitlin
Czlonka, 3rd breast; Cecilia Liberto, 1st breast; Sophia Mahle, 3rd back;
Ava Vanek, 1st IM, free, back.

9-10 boys: Elijah Davenport, 3rd back; Shan Skaarenborg, 2nd breast, 3rd IM, free, fly.

11-12 girls: Amaya Burke, 3rd fly; Abbygale Duffy, 3rd back; Jenna Gwinn,
1st breast, 3rd IM; Makaela Hill, 1st back, 2nd free, fly; Mira Loomis, 3rd

11-12 boys: Evan Berlin, 1st free, 3rd fly; Dima Gapeev, 2nd fly, 3rd
breast; Grant Nyland, 3rd free, back.

13-14 girls: Allison Berlin, 2nd IM, free, fly; Sydney Bubnis, 1st fly, 2nd
back, 3rd IM; Anna Hall, 1st IM, free, back; Emma Romeo, 1st breast, 3rd
free, back; Sophie Waterman, 2nd breast, 3rd fly.

13-14 boys: Jack Gregory, 2nd free, 3rd breast; Liam Horch, 2nd fly; Joseph Loeb, 3rd IM, free, back.

15-18 girls: Sarah Arndt, 2nd breast, 3rd free; Bridget Bodley, 1st back,
fly, 2nd free; Caroline Bodley, 3rd IM, back, fly; Claire Iverson, 1st IM,
free, breast.

15-18 boys: James Cooper, 2nd fly, 3rd free, breast; Dylan Gwinn, 1st back,
breast, 2nd IM; Elliot Hall, 1st IM, free, 2nd breast; Isaac Koerner, 1st
fly, 2nd free, back; Peter Ogden, 3rd IM, fly.

Woodbridge Valley

Woodbridge Valley outlasted Crofton Village 237-227 in a July 5 swim meet.


6-under girls: Abigail Kehoe 3rd back; Olivia Vandewinckel 3rd free.

6-under boys: Herbert Fauth 2nd free, 3rd back; Brady Jones 2nd back.

8-under girls: Sierra Bory 1st free, back, fly, breast.

8-under boys: Abel Asres 1st fly, 3rd free; Elder Fauth 1st free, back, 3rd fly; Liam Kehoe 3rd back; Dean Shuron 2nd free, back, fly; Andrew Weisgerber 2nd breast.

9-10 girls: Isabelle Kaplan 3rd free; Abigail Mitchell 1st IM, fly, 2nd breast;
Aliya Rose 1st breast, 2nd IM, back.

9-10 boys: Heriberto Fauth 2nd back, breast, 3rd free; Jose Fauth 2nd fly;
Lucas Vandewinkel 1st IM, fly, 2nd free.

11-12 girls: Amaya Rose 1st fly, 2nd breast, 3rd IM; Tyreese Saunar 1st IM, free, 2nd fly; Karis Weisgerber 1st breast, 2nd back, 3rd free.

11-12 boys: Alexander Kaplan 3rd IM; Lukas Pitkevits 1st IM, free, fly, breast; Ethan Weisgerber 2nd back, fly, 3rd breast.

13-14 girls: Isabella Chilcoat 2nd IM, back, 3rd free, breast; Alexis Pitkevits 1st breast, 2nd free; Sydney Shuron 2nd fly; Gabrielle Thompson 1st IM, free, back, 2nd breast.

13-14 boys: Lucas Lockard 1st free, back.

15-18 girls: Hanna Giotis 3rd free.

15-18 boys: Eddie Lowry 1st IM, free, 2nd fly; Jared Stein 2nd back, 3rd IM.


The Rollingwood Seals upended Bolton Hill in a tight contest on July 5, 245-236.


6-under-girls: Annika Nilsen 3rd back; Samantha Randell 2nd back, 3rd free; Emma Saverino 2nd free.

6-under-boys: Salvatore Bianco 3rd back; Patrick Dishon 3rd free; Logan Schriefer 2nd back; Braeden Spinnato 1st back, 2nd free.

8-under-girls: Elena Aldave 2nd free; Patricia Barth 1st free; Casey Fisher 1st back; Katie Gorski 3rd breast; Sydney McGee 2nd back, 3rd free; Kate Wilking 1st breast, 3rd fly.

8-under-boys: Liam Protzman 3rd back; Ethan Schulze 2nd back; Austin Slade 3rd breast.

9-10 girls: Angelina Aldave 2nd IM, 3rd fly; Cate Alokones 1st back, breast, 3rd free; Emily Taylor 3rd back; Caroline Wilking 3rd breast.

9-10 boys: Matthew Perry 2nd free, fly; Nathan Pittroff 1st IM, fly, 2nd breast; Jonah Stein 1st free, breast, 2nd back; Joshua Vahlsing 3rd free, back.

11-12 girls: Lucia Aldave 2nd fly; Meredith Morse 1st breast, 2nd free; Elizabeth Perry 1st free, back, fly; Libby Ruppel 3rd breast; Ava Waddell 3rd IM, free, fly.

11-12 boys: Alexander Chairs 2nd fly; Jackson Griffin 3rd free; Sean Miller 1st breast, 2nd free; William Slade 3rd breast; Jack Stover 3rd fly; Ryan Taylor 3rd back.

13-14 girls: Abigail Pilcher 3rd free, breast; Lilly Stein 2nd IM, 3rd back; Zoe Waddell 2nd fly; Sara Younts 1st free, fly, breast.

13-14 boys: Jack Levickas 3rd IM, back; Danny Miller 2nd fly; John Perry 1st back, fly, 2nd free; Bryce Spinnato 2nd back, 3rd breast; Adam Stein 1st free, 2nd breast, 3rd fly.

15-18 girls: Sophie McKenna-Wilson 3rd back; Maddie McVearry 1st breast, 3rd free; Maggie Stein 1st back, 3rd IM; Brianna Spinnato 2nd breast; Rebecca Younts 2nd IM, free, fly.

15-18 boys: Chris Krabbe 1st IM, free, fly; Victor O'Toole 3rd IM; Andy Rudrow 1st back; Billy Vaughn 3rd free, breast.

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