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Catonsville High honors fall athletes

Catonsville High honored the following athletes for its fall sports.

Badminton: Most Valuable Player-Qasim Choudhry; Unsung Hero-Meera

Varsity boys soccer: MVP-A.J. Beck; Unsung-Gabe Miller.

Junior varsity boys soccer: MVP- Henry Romero; Unsung-Nick Grace.

Varsity girls soccer: MVP-Lauren Vogelpohl; Unsung-Natalie Croom.

JV girls soccer: MVP-Taylor Stephen; Unsung-Molly Curtis.

Boys cross country: MVP-Anthony Huynh; Unsung-Kevin Ward.

Girls cross country: MVP-Tara MacDonald; Unsung-Sandy Brown.

Varsity field hockey: MVP-Brooke Stevens; Unsung-Kelly Reymann.

JV field hockey: MVP-Emma Walsh; Unsung Sophie Wilson.

Varsity football: MVP-Calloway Lee; Unsung-Alex Kellerman.

JV football: MVP-Jamal Johnson; Unsung-Andrew Peabody.

Golf: MVP-Killian Casson; Unsung-Nate Lesnevich.

Volleyball: MVP-Natalie Bockmiller; Unsung-Amanda Voll.

JV volleyball: MVP-Amanda Bingaman; Unsung-Morgan Comisac.

Varsity fall cheerleading: MVP-Charkeyah Martin; Unsung-Ty’Sha Newman.

JV fall cheerleading: MVP-Danielle Fumlari; Unsung-Martina Barber.

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