"It's for all ages," Day said. "There's something for everybody to do."

Reisterstown resident Ben Morrison spent Monday at a residence in Catonsville doing yard work with other students from the youth group of Reisterstown Methodist Church.

"I have raked the side of the house," the 11-year-old said. "We brought a big pile of sticks up from the back."

Before the week is over, Ben said they would weed and mulch in the backyard, repaint the front porch and do a number of odd repairs inside the home on Sunset Avenue.

He said he spent last week at baseball camp, but was glad to be spending this week helping others rather than just playing around.

"Well, if you go on vacation or baseball camp, like, you go and you have fun but you're not really helping anybody," Ben said.

"You feel good when you help people because maybe they can't do it themselves so when you help them it's a lot nicer 'cause you feel good," he said.

Sheila Nasir owns the home Ben and his 12 peers are working on this week and expressed gratitude for their help.

"Without Chip and the people from the workcamp, I wouldn't be able to handle all this by myself," Nasir said.

Workcamp members have been working on Nasir's home for about 20 years now. They originally helped build the first story of the home and went on to install water and electric service over the years.

"They got me upstairs," Nasir said. "I lived in the basement before I knew Chip (Day). He really helped me through the bad times and the good times.

"It shows you've got true friends," she said.