"I started singing when somebody played the guitar, and I wanted to learn how to play," she said.

Page said she finds the guitar class to be a nice break from a heavy course load that includes AP English, AP U.S. history, calculus honors and physics honors.

Music helps her express her feelings, she said.

"If I know I'm upset but I don't know why, music helps me defer the feeling until I figure out what's wrong," Page said.

McKenzie Hick, a sophomore who lives in Lansdowne, said she taught herself to play guitar with YouTube videos. This is her first time taking a class to play a musical instrument taught by an instructor whom she can ask questions of and get feedback.

McKenzie said Carlino's patience with her and the other students in the class makes it more enjoyable.

"She actually takes a lot of time to help us out in the class. Most people would just be writing it on the board. She tries to help us understand," Hick said.

Marwah Ashraf, a sophomore, agrees.

"She always talks to everybody, and she's really nice," Marwah said.

Carlino said last year the school only had one music teacher who had to teach all of the classes at the school.

Now that there are two teachers, they're able to teach more specialized classes to students.

"[Julie Reber] gets to focus in on her specialty which is the band program, and I get to focus on chorus and guitar. Last year, all the responsibility was on her," Carlino said.

"We're trying to grow the music program here," Carlino said.