As temperature spikes so do sales for Arbutus snowball stand

As the sun poured down and temperatures rose to near triple digits at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Antoine Vlme headed for a treat to keep cool.

The Catonsville resident forked over $2 for a medium strawberry snowball at Pink Flamingo Sno-Balls on the 1000 block of Maiden Choice Lane and within minutes had his relief.

"It's too hot," Vlme said as he walked away.

The bright red treat likely would provide relief, Vlme said, at least "a little bit until I get home."

Karen Cain, the owner of the stand in its sixth season, said typically when the temperature spikes people stay away because they don't want to go outside.

"This year has been different," the Carroll County resident said from the comfort of her air conditioned shack. "It's certainly been good for business."

After she opens at 1 p.m., Cain usually sees a lot of individual snowball sales.

In the evening until she closes at 9 p.m., families come out to try one of her 80 flavors, egg custard being far and away the most popular.

The stand keeps 500 pounds of ice on hand but rarely comes close to using all of it, Cain said.

"This ice maker is my hardest worker," Cain said.

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