Three seniors graduated from the 2012 state finalists, including point guard Tyshay Montgomery and 6-footers Jayde Duncan and Ateh Ade.

Duncan and Ade combined for 16 points and 24 rebounds in last year’s regional title game win over New Town and they’ve left this year’s squad a few messages of encouragement.

“They’ve been talking to us a lot,” Coles said. “They want us to carry it on because they didn’t get the opportunity to finish because we are like their little sisters, so they want us to do what they didn’t do,” Coles said.

Their departure forced the Wolverines to alter their offense this season.

“The shift in our offense allowed us to be a little more creative,” Roe said.

It also forced the squad to rely on team rebounding and the coach has been pleased with the result.

“I’m most impressed with our rebounding because our tallest girl is 5-foot-9 or 5-10,” Roe said.

Clopton hopes her team’s emotion on the court is better than it was in the last meeting against the Titans.

“We didn’t play as hungry,” Clopton said. “I feel like they played the hungriest.”

The prize for the winner should be enough to fuel each team’s hunger, but coach Roe has his thoughts on what may happen.

“I think it’s going to be a defensive battle again,” Roe said. “I think whoever keeps their heads the best, is going to win, because we are two similar teams and if either team gets frustrated or loses their cool, that turns into bad shots, so whoever keeps there composure is going to be the winner in that game.

“It’s going to be fun. That’s where most of our kids come from. It’s going to be a packed house.”