Gentner noted that “more than anything, we want to enjoy playing together,” he said. “We’re actually a pretty decent team.”

A team that, like its rivals, feels the aches and pains of playing a young man’s sport in such a competitive environment.

Just ask Josh Vicchio, a Mount St. Joe varsity assistant, who’s just happy to be back out on the field after suffering broken ribs while playing.

And that shows that the sport can still be physically challenging for the veteran players.

“Sometimes, you are like, ‘What am I doing out here?,’” said Kirby, a 1988 St. Joe graduate.

In the end, though, the fun of competing outweighs the risks.

Seeing a picture-perfect behind-the-back shot for a goal by St. Joe alum Jeff Newstead in a recent triumph over The Chill was one such moment to savor.

“That was sweet,” Kirby said.

“It made me look like I could play,” joked Newstead, a freshman lacrosse coach at Mount St. Joe.

Among the other youth coaches on the 35-and-over roster is 1990 Catonsville Times Athlete of the Year Brian Bateman.

Catonsville native and St. Joe graduate Jay Muir joins Kirby, Gentner, Adelsburger, Aaron Brown, Chris Cheuvront, Kevin Gemmill, Matt Doyle, Matt Hipszer, Matt O’Ferrall, Rique Sanchez and Steve Ruppel as youth coaches who also still play the sport.

Gemmell, Bateman and Jason Rubin, the former junior varsity coach at Catonsville High, are all former Comets.