"I can't even think of it right now — I'll start crying," said McIntosh, a Democrat who represents Baltimore City in District 43.

The duo has chaired the committee for the past 12 years together, the longest serving chairman and vice chairman team in the House.

Malone has contributed an "incredible grasp" of motor vehicle and transportation policy, McIntosh said.

He sponsored the Speed Monitoring Systems Reform Act of 2014 that aims to penalize speed cameras for errors.

He's also sponsored legislation this session that made hand-held cellphone use while driving a primary offense.

Beyond his work as a legislator, McIntosh said she'll miss his sense of humor.

"Life won't be as fun. He has a great sense of humor, which is important in this job," McIntosh said. "Because we can all get too serious about our own bills."

DeBoy said education and public safety have been his top priorities.

He's most proud of his role as a member of the Appropriations Committee, which oversees the passage of the state budget.

"That's the one bill that we pass in the General Assembly every year that affects every person," DeBoy said.

One of his friends on the committee, Del. Galen Clagett, who represents District 3A in Frederick County, said he'll miss working with DeBoy.

"Steve's a really reliable delegate. He does his homework and became part of the leadership on the appropriations committee," said the Frederick County Democrat.

DeBoy said his one regret was not getting a bill passed that would make impersonating a police officer a felony.

"I could never get it passed. It never made it out of the judiciary committee," he said.

"Not that it's an overarching problem. But there are some people out there that misrepresent themselves. I think it's very unsafe, and I would have loved to get that passed," DeBoy said.

DeBoy said he enjoyed the challenge of being a legislator in a district where, "not everyone agrees with all of the legislation coming out of Annapolis."

"Look, if I didn't love challenges, I wouldn't have been a cop for 20 years, investigator in Howard County for 12 years," said the retired Baltimore County police officer.

With a new grandson on the way, he hopes to spend more time at home with his family.

DeBoy lives with his wife Jenny. The couple has three children: Steve Jr., Mandy and Diana.

Both men will continue to serve their communities as delegates until Dec. 31, their last day in office.