"I think, even though we think kids know a lot (about safety) today, maybe they really don't," Rohm said.

"And after they get to college, you can't get to them," she said.

Deborah Milani, a senior at Catonsville High School, plans to play lacrosse at University of Maryland after graduating in May.

She said she plans to attend next week's seminar to ensure she will be prepared for what awaits her.

"I know that there's going to be a lot of fun stuff and you're going to be going out," she said.

"But you have to make sure that you know the right places to be and make sure you're always with somebody you trust,' Milani said.

Because Yeardley Love was also a lacrosse player, Milani is especially looking forward to hearing what Sharon Love has to say about staying safe in the world of athletics.

"I read into that story a lot when it happened," she said.

"I know we'll be hanging out with the lacrosse guys," Milani said. "So it relates to any athletes."

She said she plans to balance athletics with her social life by maintaining a strict work schedule during the week and making sure she stays with people she trusts on the weekends.

"You have to be smart. You've just got to be careful," she said.