Mount de Sales senior overcomes two knee surgeries to get back on lacrosse field

Count Mount de Sales senior Allie Hynson as one of the Sailors who couldn’t wait to celebrate the team’s first win of the season.

She finally got that chance on April 9 when the Sailors (1-7) defeated Garrison Forest, 14-8, after they started the campaign with seven straight losses.

But Hynson, a midfielder from Catonsville, has been joyous since she played in the first game this year.

Hynson missed the past two lacrosse seasons after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in the same right knee in successive springs and having two surgeries.

“The first game (I played) I was actually about to cry. It was really awesome,” Hynson said.

Hynson, who also missed both fall soccer seasons, except for a cameo in last year’s senior game, knew exactly what she missed the most.

“The thing I missed the most is being with all the girls,” she said.

She certainly didn’t miss a beat in her play.

In the first half of the Sailors’ 12-11 loss to Bryn Mawr on April 1, she juked a defender with ease on the way to drawing a foul and free position attempt.

Late in the game, with the Sailors trailing by a goal, it was her stick raised high in the air that corralled a crucial draw.

Although she wears a brace, it doesn’t stop her from playing aggressively.

“I kind of fear thinking about (hurting) it, but then as soon as I step on the field I don’t even realize I had it done which is kind of awesome,” she said.

The first time she tore the ligament she was doing something routine that she has done numerous times throughout her career.

“I was just sprinting down the field and I just like stopped and it blew out,” she said. “The second time I was just doing the same thing.”

She injured the knee the second time and knew how tough a challenge ahead to get back on the field.

“Rehab was definitely about the same, but almost harder emotionally (the second time) because I had to go through it once and I was so excited to get back at it,” she said.

Sailor coach Mary Gagnon said her determination is symbolic of her entire team.

“I’m most excited for her,” Gagnon said. “It’s like my team. They never quit and that is what Allie did for two years. “Think about it, to be a sophomore and she was also a really, really good soccer player and she lost two full seasons of sports and last year it happened again. It’s a testament to her about getting back and there she is in her senior year never quitting.”

While the team was winless through seven games, they had played a brutally tough schedule and had several close losses.

“I think we are probably the best 0-6 team you’ve ever seen, but if you see our schedule, we don’t shy away from anybody,” said Gagnon after the Bryn Mawr loss.

The loss to Bryn Mawr was the Sailors third straight by a goal, after back-to-back overtime defeats against St. Paul’s, 8-7, and Roland Park, 12-11.

Against Bryn Mawr, the game was deadlocked at halftime, 3-3, but Sailor senior Eve Lukowski (Bucknell University) gave them a 4-3 lead with the first of her three second-half goals early in the second half.
Bryn Mawr responded with four unanswered goals and a 7-4 lead.

The Sailors rallied to tie the score at 8-8 on goals from Hannah Ignacio and Amanda Ignacio (3 goals).
Bryn Mawr scored the next two goals and the Sailors never got the equalizer.

After the game Hynson was still in good spirits in hopes of turning things around.

“It’s not about effort, definitely,” Hynson said. “We’ve just got to go that extra mile.”

She knows all about working hard and going extra miles and so does her coach.

“She gets beat up, but she goes in hard. She knows no other way,” said Gagnon, who took her out for a brief rest in the second half against Bryn Mawr.

Being on the sidelines, even for a short time, was definitely something that didn’t make Hynson comfortable.

“I hate coming out of a game because I was out for so long and I just want to be on the field,” she said.

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