11-12 girls: Isabella Chilcoat, 2nd back, 3rd breast.

11-12 boys: Lukas Pitkevits, 2nd free, 3rd IM, fly.

13-14 girls: Elizabeth Heppding, 1st free, 2nd back; Alexis Pitkevits, 1st fly, breast, 2nd IM; Gabrielle Thompson, 1st IM, 3rd breast.

13-14 boys: Lucas Lockard, 3rd fly; Jared Stein, 2nd back, 3rd free, breast.

15-18 girls: Natasha Austin, 2nd breast; Claire Cerand, 1st back; Hanna Giotis, 2nd free, 3rd IM; Jessica Loving, 2nd back, fly, 3rd free.

15-18 boys: Eddie Lowry, 1st free, fly, breast.

Rollingwood falls to North St. Johns, 278-210

6-and-under-girls: Kate Wilking, 1st free.

6-and-under-boys: Austin Slade, 3rd free.

8-and-under-girls: Katherine Wanko, 2nd free, fly; Kate Wilking, 3rd breast.

8-and-under-boys: Nathan Pitroff, 1st free, fly, breast; Brian Ruppel, 3rd fly; Jonah Stein, 2nd free, back, breast.

9-10 girls: Jenna Missigman, 2nd breast; Elizabeth Ruppel, 2nd IM, fly.

9-10 boys: Alexander Chairs, 3rd free; Griffin Jackson, 1st free; Sean Miller, 2nd IM, 3rd breast; Matthew Perry, 3rd fly; William Slade, 3rd breast; Noah Waltz, 2nd back, fly.

11-12 girls: Elizabeth Perry, 1st back, fly; Lilly Stein, 1st free, 3rd breast; Zoe Waddell, 2nd free, back; Sara Younts, 1st IM, breast.

11-12 boys: Bryce Spinnato, 1st back, 2nd free; Adam Stein, 1st IM, 2nd breast.

13-14 girls: Maddie McVearry, 2nd breast; Abigail Pilcher, 3rd breast; Maggie Stein, 2nd back, 3rd back; Brittany Stevens, 3rd fly; Rebecca Younts, 1st free, fly.

13-14 boys: Jake Alokones, 3rd IM; Noah Herrick, 2nd back; Victor O’Toole, 2nd IM, fly, 3rd free; Adam Szarko, 3rd breast.

15-18 girls: Ellie Mazzuca, 3rd breast; Stephanie Norris, 1st IM, free, 2nd fly; Rachel Saks, 2nd breast.

15-18 boys: Chris Krabbe, 2nd IM, 1st free, fly; Robby Mazzuca, 2nd breast, 3rd back; Stevie Ruppel, 2nd back; Jake Stonecipher 3rd free, fly.

Wynnewood falls to Westminster, 274-203